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The Human Path has developed a thorough and comprehensive online program for the herbology certification. The online program includes all of the Level 1 Herbal Medics Foundations material with videos, documents, online homework and exercises along with many resources that will supplement the understanding and de-mystifying process of herbology.

During this online course you will learn at least 80 - 100 medicinal herbs, found (and grown) throughout North America and the Southwest USA. You will learn many herbs that can be bought online to stock your own home herbal clinic with. You will also be required to research and learn what is growing in your own local ecosystem (in your own back yard). In fact, counting the herbs used in all the formulas for tinctures, salves, liniments, etc., there are well over 120 medicinal herbs introduced through this course.

Just as importantly, you will learn to prepare and use these medicinal plants. Whether you have a western (or other) medical background or not, you will be able to confidently begin to use medicinal plants that you grow, harvest or buy, for yourself, friends and family. You will gain skill and knowledge specific to medical issues you would most likely encounter around the home or in a post-disaster or remote situation with limited or non-existent orthodox medical care.

IN THIS VIDEO: Sam Coffman talks about the online, home-study, Herbal Medic level 1 program and what it has to offer as an online education in effective plant medicine for anyone and everyone.

*Note* THE EMERGENCY HERBAL FIRST AID KIT: If you are interested in herbal medicine at home, you may also be interested in reading more about and purchasing this herbal first aid kit that contains dozens of herbal preparations as well as a baseline trauma and first aid kit that Sam has created from his years of experience in the field as a US Special Forces (aka Green Beret) Medic.

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE 2013 ONLINE HERBAL MEDIC LEVEL 1 PROGRAM:   This course is a comprehensive introduction to using herbs for healing. There will be a focus on herbs in the desert southwest region, but this course also covers the full spectrum of general herbology. Terminology, anatomy and physiology, energetics of western herbs, wildcrafting and preparations (tinctures, salves, cough syrups, poultices, infusions), video-captured herb walks and medicinal plant identification, modern and ethnobotanical data, home herbal first aid, shopping for herbs, connecting with the plant world and more.

The online course is broken into 4 blocks/sessions for the Level 1 material.

Online Sessions 1 and 2
  • Intro to Herbology – Vitalism vs. Mechanism
  • How to study – Mind Mapping
  • Introduction to Clinical Skills
  • Introduction to Botany and Plant Families
  • Maceration Tincture Making – 3 Tinctures, Fresh & Dried
  • Lymphatic and Immune System Physiology and Herbs
  • One or Two long-term Student Case Studies and Herbs (Some examples of past case studies include: Hiatal Hernias, Gallstones, Chronic Digestive Issues, COPD, and Respiratory Infections)
  • Upper and Lower Respiratory System Physiology and Herbs
  • How to make Cough Syrup (1)
  • Herbal Plant Matrix assignment
  • Herbal First Aid – Poultices, plasters, capsules, primitive poultices, castor oil poultices
  • Wound Healing Physiology and Herbs
  • Quizzes
  • Mid-term Test and Review
Online Sessions 3 and 4
  • Clinical Skills Part 2
  • Wildcrafting
  • Salve Making – How to make Fresh & Dried preparations: Alcohol maceration and non-Alcohol maceration types
  • Preparing Liniments
  • Herbal Plant Matrix assignment
  • Introduction to Constitutional Physiology
  • Introduction to Percolation Tinctures
  • Cardiac Physiology and Herbs
  • Homeostasis Physiology and Herbs
  • Case Studies (Online Homework Assignments)
  • Upper and Lower Respiratory System Physiology
  • Materia Medica – Approximately 130 Plants Total
  • Final Test and Review
  • Online Clinical Exercise

There is no substitute for in-class experience and hands-on work with herbs, but this is the next best thing.
This course is in it's beta stage, so we are able to offer a discounted price through the fall, until all the new course videos, documents and other course material are added.
Introductory Spring 2014 Price: $250
Want to be prepared right now?

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