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In collaboration with Fuego y Agua Events LLC, The Human Path Survival School is hosting a Survival Run Training Camp to help prepare competitors for the upcoming Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer taking place October 5th in Rocksprings, TX and for Survival Run: Nicaragua, taking place February 5th on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua. Be prepared to be challenged both mentally and physically!


Aside from the race-competitors who will be attending, this weekend training camp will be open to anyone and everyone who is interested in training the hunter gatherer skills as well as the endurance, natural obstacle and problem solving skills.

There will be a multitude of hunter-gatherer skills covered, all of which could potentially be a part of the October race. The skills we will learn and practice include:
  • Friction fire making (bow drill)
  • Knife care and use
  • Cordage making
  • Survival bow making/arrow fletching (pre-prepared arrow wood), intuitive shooting
  • Atlatl making and throwing
  • Knots and rope-work
  • Medicinal and edible plant identification & use
  • Edible insects & gathering
  • Sandal & primitive footwear making
  • Snare making
  • Primitive containers and water purification/boiling
  • Primitive cooking

These are a lot of skills to cover in one weekend, all culminating in a sprint-distance (~5K) race that puts your learning to use, along with some challenging obstacles.

We will be working late into the night on Saturday night and back up early Sunday morning. We will also be running the race Sunday on Sunday morning - so understand that it may be very hot.

All participants in the full weekend will be able to take home what they will be making as a part of the class, in order to be able to practice and review what is learned over the weekend:
  • Bow-drill fire kit
  • Hand-made cordage
  • "The Herbal Medic" field guide
  • An atlatl and atlatl dart
  • A primitive bow and arrow(s)
  • A figure-4 snare
  • Home-made sandals
  • T-shirt
For anyone who would like to drop in on Sunday and test your survival and obstacle racing skills, you can attend the race only on Sunday. The registration cost for the race only is $40 and does not include any of the above items.

        Training Camp Date:   August 3, 4 am - August 4th, 4 pm, 2013   Online registration
        Training Camp Cost:   $180
        an $80 non-refundable deposit is required upon registration.

More information about the Nicaragua and Rocksprings race can be found online at